About us

About Us


NMSurf provides the highest quality of service possible to every customer at every location with top-notch customer service.

About Us

NM Surf aka New Mexico Surf is primarily a Wireless Internet Service Provider, or WISP. We provide Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet service to New Mexicans in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Española, and the surrounding rural communities. NM Surf was the first company in Santa Fe to utilize fixed wireless technology. Since then, we have created an expansive network coverage area. We are members of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association or WISPA. Through WISPA, we stay up to date on all the current industry news and trends.

NM Surf provides a real-life, viable solution to the digital divide in New Mexico. We are often the best option for broadband internet service for many residents and businesses in the area. NM Surf has been a local leader in the wireless industry since 2005. We have built a robust and reliable wireless network and provide affordable, high-quality service with minimal drop-offs. Now in 2019, we will be providing Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) also known as Fiber to the Home (FTTH) in select neighborhoods in Santa Fe. Fiber is the fastest and most reliable way to connect to the internet and is said to be “future proof” or that it is the last internet connection you will ever need. With consumer demand for quality  multimedia services increasing every year, network operators have begun to deploy fiber networks that go all the way to the premises in order to dramatically increase the bandwidth they can provide the end subscriber. 


Our History

NM Surf started as CNSP, INC, in 1997 by Albert Catanach, a retired military officer holding the title Chief Warran Officer 3 from the New Mexico National Guard at his retirement.  Mr. Catanach holds over thirty years of experience in internet networking from his career in the military as a network engineer. In 2000, Mr. Catanach was recognized by Federal Computer Week Magazine as one of the top 100 employees of the federal government for creating a statewide fiber-based network for the New Mexico National Guard. Mr. Catanach’s design was then utilized in all 50 states and territories as a model for implementing statewide networks at other National Guard bases around the country.

CNSP dba NM Surf has evolved throughout the years to keep up with the constantly changing technology. As the need for speed increased and dial-up became obsolete, CNSP dba NM Surf then resold wholesale DSL service to its customers. Then, in 2005, CNSP dba NM Surf started providing terrestrial fixed wireless. At the time, fixed wireless was still a new technology and there was less spectrum available. Since 2010, the technology has improved tremendously and is now competitive with wire-line broadband service, and in many cases especially in New Mexico, even better than DSL or Cable. Fixed wireless is now being seen as a better option for many for broadband internet service with the hardware now capable of supporting Gigabit speeds. Now in 2019, many internet service providers and network engineers are creating hybrid fixed wireless and fiber networks.  Fiber is currently the most reliable and fastest way to connect to the internet. Since wireless equipment now allows Gigabit speeds with low latency, it is almost like broadcasting fiber directly through the air wives. Soon, we will be providing Fiber directly to the premise also known as FTTP, or Fiber to the Premise, in select areas of Santa Fe. Cut the cord and call NM Surf today!